Release Date

On the eve of release date, Jade Sky went from “Preorder Only” to “Temporarily Out of Stock” on Amazon. That’s good, right?

One thought on “Release Date

  1. Hart Johnson

    SOUNDS like good news… guess it’s hard to judge without knowing how many they were printing.

    As to website feedback (you asked over at ABNA)… I am not great at these things–tend to be a blitz and bells gal, not remotely reminiscent of classy, but once I scroll down far enough your header is out of site, the fact that it is ALL TEXT makes it a little bland… maybe something in the sidebar? (your Bram Stoker nomination sticker or something–did you get such a thing?)–just something visual. I ALSO might suggest either a darker or larger font–the not quite black isn’t as easy to see.

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